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Acne Studios Jorie Case

Soo, every so often I like to make expensive, unnecessary purchases that bring me brief happiness and this is one of them. Ever since Acne released their new ‘small leather goods’ collection I’ve been eyeing them all up, deciding between black or white and phone case or cardholder. Oh the decisions.

So as you can see, I opted for this little beauty. It’s made to fit an iPhone 6 and I also use the front compartment to hold cards and notes if I’m carrying a smaller bag which doesn’t warrant a large purse.

I’m also hoping that due to having to take the phone in and out, it might make me look at it less, I’m trying to have a little phone detox at the moment. I don’t mean a break by any means, rather just cutting down the amount of times I check it per day from 850 to 600.

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