I'm a bit of a sucker when it comes to 'holidays' and events, whether it be Christmas, Easter or even Pancake Day (which is tomorrow YAY) I like to make a deal out of things. Last year I hung up bunny rabbit bunting for Easter, so yeah, I'm that kind of person. And Valentines Day is no exception!

Charlie and I usually go out for dinner or spend the day together, as it's on a Sunday this year we're going to head out for a nice meal on the Saturday night at our favourite family-run Italian restaurant. Bring me all the pizza! 

Now I know Valentines isn't all about gifts, it's about love etc etc but let's face it, who doesn't like a treat now and again?! I'm a girl who can't say no to a new perfume or candle. So I rounded up some great ideas to send a link to your boyfriend and hope for the best. I won't lie, the Mulberry bag is wishful thinking but we all need goals right haha. A Diptyque candle is always a welcome addition in my life, and one of those items that makes a great gift as it's not something I splash out on too regularly. 

*post in collaboration with John Lewis