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Soo something different and perhaps a new regular feature over here. I tend to stick to talking mostly about fashion and basically what I’m buying with the odd lifestyle post or list chucked in for good measure. I thought I’d try and introduce some different posts into the mix, starting with 5 things. So really, just me rambling about a few of the thoughts going on inside this brain. We’ll see if this continues but for now…

1. How Do I Successfully Save Money

One of my resolutions this year is to save, save, save but this is so hard when all I do is spend, spend spend. Like seriously, I’ve already bought myself a new designer bag, a holiday, new tops and an outfit from Asos this month and it’s currently the 10th January. To be fair I don’t go buying holidays every month, and the bag was in the sale but I just can’t seem to be strict enough with myself. Do you guys have any tips? I might be a nerd and make an excel spreadsheet of my outgoings to try and track my spending and guilt myself into not making that asos order.

2. Re-decorating My Room

I’ve been wanting to re-do my bedroom for a while, I’ve got a built in wardrobe but it’s so big and bulky it just consumes a third of the room almost. I was thinking of having one of those Ikea systems like these instead but again it’s just more expensive when I’m supposed to be saving. I also want a new flooring for it, a re-paint (but luckily I have a painter decorator boyfriend) so that’s going to be my project for the next month or so. I’ll keep you posted.

3. Planning A Trip To Berlin

I just love how ALL of these points are totally contradicting point 1 ‘to save’ pah. This has been planned for a while though so totally doesn’t count AND it’s not going to break the bank so all good, in my head. Myself and my bestie Rosie are planning a long weekend in Berlin. We couldn’t decide between there or Budapest but I think Berlin might just be winning. Hopefully we’ll book up this week so any tips would be amazing! Things to do, places to wander, shops to visit, restaurants to eat, basically anything!

4. Volunteering At A Local (Animal) Charity

As you might tell, I’ve been doing a fair amount of holiday browsing this month – I think it’s a bleak ‘get me out of this rainy country’ January thing. I was looking for inspo on the Ice Lolly blog and came across their Holiday Heroes competition, where you could nominate someone who deserves a holiday for the hard work they do for others. They’ve now picked a worthy winner, and it made me realise, I do preeeetty much nothing to help anyone or anything in need apart from the odd donation. I’ve been having a look around at local charities and found a rabbit rescue I hope to be able to volunteer with, putting time to good use and an activity that doesn’t involving shopping/spending money.

5. Create A Better Life/Blog Schedule

I have about ten million notebooks and planners that I should really be putting to good use. This week I’m going to attempt a blog planner and see if I stick to it. As I also work 40 hours aside from this blog it can be tricky to always be on top of content, posts, collaborations and social media, the list goes on! I don’t want to be that girl that cancels on drinks with a friend because ‘sorry got a blog post to write’ but I’m thinking if I try and plan my free evenings and blog evenings in advance it might make life easier.

This felt a bit like a therapy session, unloading the thoughts rattling around in my head but hopefully I didn’t bore you too much and I’ll be back with all things shoes, bags and coats soon.

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