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I like to plan. I REALLY like to plan. If it involves a lengthy discussion, list making and researching then I’m in. I spend too much of my spare time simply planning or making hypothetical plans to go here, there and everywhere. I have a serious case of ongoing wanderlust. 

It’s probably over the past few years I’ve developed this desire to trot off around the globe, or simply head somewhere new in my home country. I have a thirst for exploring and seeing new places. Instagram doesn’t help my desire to escape, I mean, why can’t I be one of those girls that seems to spend life hanging around beaches and drinking from coconuts? Major life goals. 

Anyway as I said planning is my forte and I’ve already made a 2016 travel list, though I will admit this is quite an ambitious list so we’ll say 2016 but maybe the start of 2017 too because time goes bloody quick these days and before we know it the year has gone. 

1.  Amsterdam

I can’t believe I haven’t already been here! One of girl friends even lived there for a year yet I still never got round to going. It’s such an easy, short flight yet here I am still looking at pictures of bridges and bicycles wondering what this city has to offer. It’s definitely a city I will visit next year. 

2. New York

Yeah I did say this was ambitious. It’s somewhere I am DYING to go to so I really need to make it happen asap. Just imagine the shopping!!! 

3. Lisbon

Both myself and Charlie (my bf fyi) have a mutual agreement that this is somewhere we would like to visit and have discussed taking a 4/5 night stay there in spring time. It looks absolutely stunning and if the photos I’ve seen are anything to go by, it will be pretty spectacular. 

4. A Cruise

Cruises didn’t used to appeal to me, Charlie has always mentioned he wanted to go on one but I think my inner fear of boats, stemming from watching the Titanic aged 8 has held me back. You can get some amazing deals through Bolsover Cruise Club* often have great discounts and it’s a great way to see lots of places whilst casually taking your time and sitting back with a few cocktails. Dreamy. 

5. Venice

Ah the city of romance. I love Italy, it’s one of my favourite places to visit and I can’t wait to head back to Rome in the next couple of years. I truly fell in love with the city and I have a feeling Venice will leave me with the same feeling. 

6. Budapest

Because of the George Ezra song? I joke. Kind of. I’ve heard good things about Budapest and it’s pretty cheap too in terms and flights and hotels. It looks like a gothic dream which always draws me in. Expect a Budapest photo diary coming your way soon. 

7. Chicago

So yeah I definitely won’t be doing NYC and Chicago in one year, but I can certainly add it to my list nonetheless. Travelling America has always been my major dream. I would love to do a TrekAmerica but if that doesn’t happen, one place at a time will have to do. 

8. Madrid

I’ve only ever been to Spain once on a typical villa holiday where I pretty much just spent two weeks sitting in the sunshine reading a Harry Potter book. Madrid has always appealed to me, it looks like such a vibrant city and I’d like to visit a little more of Spain.

What’s on your travel list for next year? If you have any tips or blog posts for these places I’d love to have a read so please leave me a link!

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