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I’m obsessed with Tiger. It’s fast becoming my favourite shop, it’s a moochers paradise. I’d actually never heard of it before until one opened up in Cambridge last year. If you don’t have one nearby it’s basically Scandinavian style homeware, stationery, crafts, sweets and everything in between. There are some seriously random items in there but it’s so fun. They make great stocking fillers (yeah I went there) too if you’re a mega early Christmas shopper. Hey it’s September I’m allowed to mention the C word. 

As you can see I couldn’t resist a little shop as I strolled by, it just drags you in somehow. I was pretty thrilled to see an abundance of marble. Especially marble stationery, two of my favourite things combined. I know it’s a cliché but I love it. I picked up a couple of the notebooks as I couldn’t get just one, in fact, it’s a miracle I didn’t come out with six. They were only £1 each I couldn’t believe it. I also spotted the little marble drawer unit, perfect for my desk and storing jewellery.
Just after I’d had a marble orgasm I turned round to see a copper basket staring back at me. Just too much. I practically leaped over to it. And that was that. Oh and it was only a fiver, amazing huh?!
tigerhomewarehaul copy
Oh and I couldn’t resist these coasters, they were only £1 each and I bought a C for Charlie for if we ever move out. The plan is next year but we’ll see!

P.s not keen on the word ‘haul’ but I couldn’t think of any other options so haul it is. 

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