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A completely different post to the usual today, in fact this is a first! I took my hand to a bit of food blogging this week courtesy of Travelodge Cambridge. I was challenged to eat out for lunch and dinner, with a budget of £50. A challenge which involves me eating? Count me in.

Initially this did sound quite hard, Cambridge can be a bit pricey but I was up for it, so I got my thinking cap on. I didn’t want to include any chain restaurants, I wanted to feature eateries that were one-offs to my local city.

butchanniesFor lunch I chose burger joint Butch Annies, this was actually the first time I had eaten here as it’s fairly new, plus I couldn’t get a table the first time I tried to eat here a while back. I was excited to give it a try…

The menu is small but does the job. Sometimes I find large menus overwhelming, this one was simple and to the point. There are around five different burgers, each of which can be swapped with a veggy patty to make it vegetarian friendly, yay! So I ordered the ‘classic’ which was your usual burger toppings.

The burgers came wrapped up like this, I actually thought this was pretty cool. There are no plates or cutlery here people. Now this is a strong statement but the veggie burger was probably one of the BEST I’ve ever had! The fries were also amazing, I ordered mine with rosemary salt and they were beaut. For two veggie burgers, two portions of fries and two drinks the bill came in at just under £25.

The next challenge was finding somewhere for dinner with £25 for two people! I decided to head to a new favourite of mine, a family run Italian restaurant, La Margherita. It’s positioned just up the road from the city’s central punting area.

They do a great deal from 5-7pm on weekdays where you can have two courses for £10. Charlie took advantage of this and had soup of the day for a starter followed by a pizza. I decided to opt out of a starter as I can never eat my main otherwise, so I went for the classic margherita!

For our two mains, a starter and couple of rounds of drinks our bill came to around £24! If you’re looking for great food and value for money in Cambridge I would definitely recommend La Margherita!

So my overall bill came in with one pound to spare! Not bad for two meals in the city, thanks for the challenge Travelodge!

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