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In July (feels so long ago now) I graduated with a First Class Honours in Fashion Marketing. I can’t believe how quickly the three years flew by, it seems like only yesterday I was attending my first fashion lecture. *sobs*. I was recently contacted by the University of Greenwich regarding their mentoring scheme, and they asked whether I had any tips to share with you guys on my university experience. Now that I’m pretending to be an adult in the ‘real world’ with a job and responsibilities I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the past few years with my top 5 tips.

So here goes:

1. Don’t leave it until last minute – in college I was terrible at leaving work until the night before. At University I upped by game a bit and apart from a few occasions I generally got shit done. I was in a fortunate position where I didn’t have to work a job through university which also helped but trust me, you’ll save yourself a LOT of stress by getting ahead. Netflix can wait. For a night or so anyway…

2. Try not to worry – sure it’s easier said than done but it was rare that I would actually submit a piece of work and be confident it was worth a first or 2.1. I would be certain that I would come out with a C or D and then I’d be pleasantly surprised with my results. Don’t underestimate yourself!

3. Use the resources – this is coming from someone who spent the whole of first year not knowing where the library was. I know. Towards the end of my second year I started to use the resources on offer a whole lot more. For example booking in a slot to go over an essay with a teacher or actually USING the library. It’s a wonder I got through it all really…

4. Teachers don’t like emails – in my experience if you don’t turn up to their lesson for a few weeks months then email them, they’re not too keen on offering support. Fair enough, I didn’t make the most of what was on offer. *Note I got much better at attending in my second year*. So make sure you keep your attendance up, those 9am lectures are a struggle, complete pain in the ass and a general drag but you won’t be complaining once you start working full time. 

5. Use your time off – there’s no excuse, uni students get the longest summers of all time so use it wisely. I spent my student summers interning in London for various fashion brands. It was expensive, stressful and exhausting but SO worth it. You can find my previous post on interning here

Want some further inspo? Check out the below video with a few mentoring tips for students and how  you  can prepare for future roles…

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