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Hola amigos. Another lifestyle post today, I was asked by Legal & General which items in the house I would most like to replace. Now, I do love housey things so a lot of the items in my house I do like as I’m quite fussy and do buy a fair amount of stuff I don’t need (read: plants, candles, metal giraffes). There are however a few places that bother me and I’d like to just freshen up a bit, so here goes!  

1. My Shelves
As you can see I have a bit of a copper theme going on here but it’s been like that for a while now and I’d like to replace the existing pieces with something new. I get bored really easily so I quite often move things around the house to keep it freshhh. Although Bob (my cactus) will stay as he’s here fo’ lyf. I’m thinking perhaps a nice print or something to lean on the shelves, what do you think? 

2. My Paris Cushions
I’ve had these cushions ages as I thought they went quite nicely with the style of the chair. It’s not that I particularly hate them I’m just really bored of seeing them and would like something new to look at instead! I’ve included some cushions below from John Lewis that caught my beady eye… 

 3. My Lamp
This might be a bit harsh for the lamp as to be fair it’s a nice lamp! It’s from and the base is so heavy I almost passed out when the courier driver handed it to me a couple of years back now. Instead of replacing it I would probably move it to a different part of the house as I’d like to put a copper one (as featured below!) in its place.

Here are some items I wouldn’t mind creeping into my house and taking the place of said existing items…


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