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So something completely different today, I was set a challenge from Keepmoat to creatively display holiday memories! Random huh? But kinda cool, I love a creative challenge so I set off to HomeBase armed with a voucher to pick up some pieces to help me with the project.

I had a few ideas but ended up going for something completely different than planned. I was mooching around and came across the garden trellis section – as you do. This one reminded me of the ladders I keep seeing in home magazines, propped up against walls. So along with the trellis I picked up some white paint and a paint brush!

I also bought some screws, hooks and little contraptions to keep the little souvenirs I’ve acquired (such as the shot glass!) and to hold the lovely fleurs. As you can tell I decided to focus on one place I enjoy holidaying the most – Italy! So here are some photos and pieces from my trips to Sorrento and Rome.
I used these Rose fairy lights to give the look of it crawling up the trellis like a plant. I can’t take all the credit for that idea though, thanks mum!
I’ve totally loved getting involved in this challenge! It’s definitely a different way to display a holiday memory or two and I think it’s kinda cool.
What do you think to my little project? Thanks for the challenge Keepmoat!

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