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I have a lot and I mean A LOT of slider style shoes. I became a bit obsessed last summer and mainly lived in my Nike Bennassi's for the best part of four months. Despite having lots of Birkenstock styles I never actually owned a proper pair. I've been wanting the black Arizona's for a while so I was pretty over the moon when I spotted them in TK Maxx at half price! 

I used to religiously buy women's magazines on a weekly and monthly basis, I wouldn't miss a copy of Glamour, Cosmo or Company. In the past year or so I've realised that these magazines no longer inspire me. They're full of the same celebrities, crappy relationship advice and quite frankly boring. I've begun to appreciate magazines such as Cereal and Suitcase which feed not only my love of style but travel too. They're also aesthetically much more pleasing too. Definitely worth a read. 

I've had my eye out for a new neutral nail polish, I knew Essie would answer my needs. I love this soft, subtle shade, I'm not really one for bright nails so it's perfect.