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So my graduation is almost upon me, eek! Three years of slaving is going to come to it’s final end, goodbye student years. I’m going to be holding a graduation BBQ for family and friends so I’ve been prepping the garden with a little help from Lights4Fun and HomeSense!

I wanted to create a snug feeling in the garden…
A lovely grey throw and cushion was the perfect solution and will keep guests warm in the evening. Both from HomeSense*
A nice candle to light, HomeSense is my ultimate destination for candles
I draped these cute roses and hearts Lights4Fun fairy lights across the back of the bench
lights4fun3Solar powered lights – great for when the sun has set and environmentally friendly too!
A lit up heart wreath for those finishing touches

I love these lanterns, perfect for indoor or outdoor use!

It’s amazing how much difference fairy lights and lanterns can make to the general atmosphere, they’re the perfect accessory for a garden party, bedroom or Uni halls! I’ve personally never lived in university halls but from what I’ve seen they would certainly offer much needed brightness! Wrap them around your bed frame to give a cosy feel, or around your mirror. As the majority of these lights are battery operated it makes them super easy to use, just pop them up et voila!

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