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As we creep further into summer, more and more weddings approach us. I still have to remind myself I’m 23 when I see people I know getting married. I’m like OH MY GOD R U OK? ENGAGED? BABIES? It’s all a little too much for me, but for some it’s the perfect time which leads me into my post today of wedding gifts!

I always find wedding gifting a bit awkward, I know lots of people ask for money/vouchers which is totally fine and understandable but it’s nice to have put some thought into a gift. Or perhaps even a little present to go alongside a voucher just to show you’ve made some effort, unless you’re not overly keen on the people then just forget about it. Just kidding! Kind of.

The lovely people at HomeSense popped a little voucher into the post for me to have a mooch at the current stock and pick out a few wedding inspired gifts. First up the lovely vase (peeping in the background). Always a great gift, a house can never have too many vases or flowers in it in my opinion. The colours are neutral too which is always a safe bet!

I also picked up this little lantern/hangy thing. Not sure what to call it but another cute household decoration for flowers or even in the garden. HomeSense have so many lovely little bits and pieces like this, you’re always bound to find something!

And then CANDLES. Now I don’t know if its just bloggers that appear to be candle obsessed (guilty) but who doesn’t want a nice smelling house? My favourite brand that HomeSense stock is Vila Hermanos, the candles are hand-poured in Spain and smell divine! I also spotted these Kenneth Turner candles which I had to buy as they were ridiculously discounted to £6. Yes please.

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