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Okay so payday was a few days ago but I’ve been in a bank holiday blur so forgive me. The payday just gone was my first almost-full-time pay check which was very exciting for a shopaholic like myself. Although saying that I’ve been surprisingly frugal so far – well for the first four days lols.

As always so much on ASOS I must have, I’m sort of warming to this boho kinda trend but keeping it simple and monochrome as usual. I’ve already begun my 2015 slider collection after such a strong 2014. I think I have about 20 pairs so I won’t be struggling for summer footwear anytime soon. I’m obsessed with the furry adidas slides featured above, definitely need to add these to my collection! Oh and for someone who doesn’t like dresses I seem to be oddly drawn to the shirt dress at the mo…what do you think?

I feel a big summer asos order coming on, but I always prefer waiting until a 20% or something comes up as they seem to run these so often! Keep your peepers out for discounts via Fashion Beans I recently discovered that they upload all the latest fashion discounts so its a handy little tool to keep in mind! Oh and don’t forget there’s currently 25% off at Warehouse with code WHGRAZIA25 which ends soon!

One more thing, I FINISH UNI ON WEDNESDAY. Oh my god. I can’t wait. My last exam is Wednesday afternoon and then my normal life can resume, as can regular outfit posting. Woohoo!

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