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I swear whenever I take photos of my outfit it either rains or I forget my memory card, today both happened! Doh! I took a few new bits out for a whirl today, including my new River Island sleeveless jacket. Although I do own a fair few of these style dusters I realised I didn't have a navy version which meant it was fate, sort of. I also snapped up a pair of the Superstar City Series, I was torn between New York and Berlin but opted for the grey as all-over black trainers still give me reminders of school shoes.

 I feel like I've had the longest week despite only working 4 days although typically the weekend has flown by! I spent the day having the usual mooch around the shops, then me and Charlie paid off our trip to America wahey! I'm so excited, we've started writing up a mini itinerary of tickets to book and things to see. Just need to book a hotel for a couple of days in Miami and we'll be all set, roll on September! Are you off anywhere nice this summer?