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Instagram Username – @tillyjayne_

I don’t think I’ve actually ever done one of the Instagram sort of posts before but I haven’t got round to taking any photos so here we go. I’ve been crazy busy the past few weeks, I’ve barely had to breathe! I officially finished University and took my last ever exam (lets hope for no retakes). I can’t believe how quick the three years have gone, honestly it feels like I was only just visiting on the open day, life really does fly by when you get older. Now I just anxiously await my results! I’ve been working in my ~adult job as a digital marketing co-ordinator for three months now. I honestly don’t know where this year is going, especially as I’m now full time the weeks are just one giant blur! I can report that the adult Monday to Friday life isn’t so bad though!

I adopted another bunny last week. Eeek. Not sure what went over my head! I saw someone getting rid of him on Facebook and felt so sorry for him, they had sold his brother and he was on his own in a tiny hutch in the garden. Once I saw it I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I took him. He’s only about 12 weeks and I’ve named him Arthur. I hope he will bond with my other home bunnies. They have Instagram too by the way – @BusterandBinky_ if you wish to follow them. 

I’m planning a return to outfit posts (it’s been a little while!) this weekend, as it’s bank holiday I’ll have some extra time to focus on blog things. It’s hard trying to find the balance when working full time but hopefully I’ll get into some sort of routine. Do any of you work full time and run a blog too? How do you manage your time and blogging?

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