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Topshop Sleeveless Duster / Topshop Wide Leg Trousers / Topshop Lace Up Flats / Topshop White Denim Skirt / Topshop Lace Bra / Whistles Pinstripe Top / Topshop Marble Bangle / Calvin Klein Izzy Bag

Just a few things I think my wardrobe would benefit from right now! Although summer isn’t usually my favourite season clothes-wise (I love coats, jackets and layers) I have to admit I’m liking what I’m seeing at the moment. I feel it’s sort of split between the minimalist side of life and the 70’s vibes. I lean more towards the minimalist tribe but I will give a few 70s inspired pieces a whirl, maybe.

The lilac two piece is just amazing, and quite cheap too I thought. I could do with some weddings or christenings to go to pretty soon!

I’ve been eyeing up the Calvin Klein Izzy bag for some time, I actually saw a lovely CK tote bag in Tk Maxx the other day and I’m SO livid with myself that I forgot to go back and buy it. Why do I do these things?! Note to self: pick up and buy. 

So exciting news (for me), I finally booked a holiday! Wahoo! Me and Charlie are going on an American adventure at the end of summer, we’re going to Miami and Florida and I can’t wait. I went to Florida when I was about 10 so I don’t remember much but I know it was insanely fun. I’m buzzing to go to Harry Potter world, ugh so much to do! I can’t wait for the little road trip from Miami to Flordia too, I’ve always wanted to drive around America so I’ll get a little taster. Anyway that means holiday shopping can commence and I’ve got my eye on those Topshop sandals for starters!

p.s didn’t realise this was such as Topshop fest, soz!

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