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Glamorous Duster Coat* / Topshop Tee / Sugarhill Boutique Culottes* / MSGM Slides / London Retro Sunglasses* / A Weathered Penny Necklace*

Hola! I’ve finally come out the other end of dissertation hell, yay! I’ve had a stressful couple of weeks generally so I’m feeling quite relieved and have had the ultimate chill out weekend. Even taking outfit photos was a struggle, I just wanted to stay in sweats all weekend but even I draw the line at going to lunch in those…but it did cross my mind.

So for about 2 weeks I’ve been thinking about these MSGM slides. When I first saw them it was love but I couldn’t justify near enough 100 pounds on one pair of plastic shoes. But then I decided actually no I can justify this as I’m working full time and NEED THE DAMN SLIDES. So I bought them and they won’t be removed from my feet until November.

I’m happy we’ve had some nice weather to firstly take the slides for a whirl but also whack out the culottes. I do love culottes, I think they’re very much a love/hate item of clothing but I’m all for these man repellers. Oh and I got some snazzy new shades from London Retro! I’m obsessed with the frame of these, I think they suit my face quite well if I do say so myself!

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