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If you’re a regular reader of this blog you’ll know whilst fashion is my foremost interest¬†obsession, interiors and home decor is another big love of mine. I must re-arrange my desk and shelves at least five times a week, as not only do I get bored but I buy a lot of knick knacks and candles etc. Anyway, I’m delighted to feature some gorgeous new additions from Flamingo Gifts into the mix…


Can we all take a moment to appreciate this retro style black matte DREAM PHONE (does anyone remember those ‘dream phones’ from the 90s? Ha!). Making all regular house phones look like ugly monstrosities, it’s a match made in heaven for my monochrome themed tastes. I don’t get many calls to my landline but when I do I feel like a secretary from the 50’s. I’m also demanding every now contact me via home phone instead of mobile. I’m bringing it back. Find the Flamingo black classic telephone HERE.

A nice close-up of my fancy non-ugly buttons.

To join my existing candle collection (I have them scattered errrwhere), a lovely vanilla and black pepper number in a very cute little jar with an even cute glittery flamingo. I actually don’t want to burn this one as it’s too pretty!!! At least I can re-use the adorable jar afterwards for something, I am undecided on what yet though. Check out the full Flamingo candle range HERE – white tea and mint is definitely one I want to give a whirl!

Both items c/o Flamingo Gifts

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