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Firstly, this post is in no way sponsored just sharing the love for a collection thats really caught my eye. For me personally, All Saints have popped themselves back on my radar within the last 6 months or so. Previously I still associated them with that 2009 style of military boots and boys wearing overly deep v necks. Not anymore, they’re a lot slicker now and have really upped their game. Of course the leathers have always been to die for but I’m also really appreciating some of their tailored pieces and in particular their casual jackets. I’ve popped a few key pieces from the ‘runway’ collection below:

Wyatt Leather Biker Jacket / Farrah Coat / Breton Jumper

Helle Shirt Dress / Able Knit / Inze Coat

I have to talk about the Farrah jacket as I’m going to NEED to own that baby. I love the fit and the little details really make it something special. It doesn’t need to be said that All Saints make some of the best leather jackets, but the above Wyatt leather jacket caught my beady fashion eye due to the colour. It makes a nice change from the staple black and will fit in nicely for spring time. Another piece I adore is the breton jumper, something that won’t date and I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of. Time to start saving! 

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