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There have been a few different posts like these floating around the blogosphere recently and it’s nice to also catch a glimpse of peoples everyday lives and how they work that around a blogging schedule. I thought I’d pop together a post with a few little pointers I’ve learned along the way as my blog has actually just turned three years old! I really can’t believe it’s been that long, I remember nervously publishing my first post and waiting about a year until I actually told anyone about it or shared it online, but boy am I glad I did!


Getting Started

A lot of people find life on the internet quite strange, I don’t even give a second thought to taking a photo of my dinner or standing in front of a particularly nice door to post to Instagram but it can be daunting especially if your friends and family don’t really ‘get it’ you can feel a bit silly but don’t! I felt like this at first but you’ve just gotta get over it because blogging can bring so many fantastic opportunities you wouldn’t have otherwise been able to receive. “First they laugh then they copy” is a good phrase to go by, and I couldn’t have found this to be truer.

I think it’s really easy for people to spout on about ‘finding a niche’ and it’s true a niche is fab but in this day age with so many strong blogs and internet folk out there it’s not necessarily going to be as easy as it seems. I think stick with your style, post regularly and engage actively in social media is key.


Blog Tips

So firstly, once you’ve thought of a good name I would recommend changing from a blogspot domain to a .com domain through a web hosting/domain site. I only did this around two years into blogging when I started to regularly work with brands but I’ve found it’s really paid off and it certainly comes across as more professional.

I would always suggest keeping your images to a good size and in line with each other, I set all my pictures at 683 pixels in width so they’re always the same size. I think this just looks more consistent and neat but I am a bit of a neat freak when it comes to things like this. I’d also recommend uploading your images to Flickr and then copying the html code over to blogger. This is what I do and I’ve found it so much easier as sometimes blogger messes around the quality and colour of your images.

Use social media, as much as possible! The main source of traffic to my blog comes from Twitter, make sure you’re tweeting everyday to let people know you’ve posted and also post to Instagram too using relevant hashtags. You can also participate to Twitter chats which is a great way to meet fellow bloggers. If you’ve got a little extra cash I would recommend buying yourself a professional blog design, check out Pipdig for affordable layouts for both blogger and wordpress.


Sell Yourself

An exciting part of blogging is hearing about new brands and working on projects with some of your favourites. When I started blogging I was offered a free top to review, but I was so unaware that this happened I thought it was a scam and deleted the email. Blogging has certainly come a long way, and whilst you shouldn’t blog for ‘freebies’ it is nice to work with brands on styling projects and reviews. I’d recommend interacting with brands through Twitter to get yourself noticed and also upload to sites such as ASOS Fashion Finder and Look magazine’s ‘Look What I’m Wearing’ section. Also don’t forget to interact with other bloggers, this is another great way to make connections and get to know likeminded people!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this mini round up of things I’ve personally learnt along the way, if you’re after more posts like this I’d recommend taking a look at Helen’s blog¬†as she posts some great content on blogging advice and tips!

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