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Warehouse Jacket / Sugarhill Boutique Jumper* / River Island Trousers / New Look Shoes (old) / Whistles Bag / River Island Pom Pom

Hello, remember me? I feel so out of the loop at the moment, third year of uni is no joke. So I’ve been pretty bogged down and spending my days commuting in and out of uni, doing uni work, putting off my dissertation and trying to fit in a social life around that. Apart from a seriously hectic schedule I’ve actually been feeling pretty crappy these past few days which hasn’t helped but anyway MOAN OVER. I did actually do something fun this week, I went to see Dirty Dancing at the theatre and it was SO good. I didn’t have many expectations and I was more going out of curiosity and the fact DD is an all time favourite movie of mine. I loved it, and I can’t stop singing all the classics, hungry eyes oooooo hungry eyes.

Moving on to my clothing then, the snuggliest, softest jumper EVAH from Sugarhill Boutique, they are the rulers of good jumpers. Cute quirky designs. fluffiness and more. I’ve been wearing this leather jacket quite a lot recently but now it’s getting a bit chilly I’ll have to put it away soon I think! Sob! Oh and how cute is my pom pom hehe. I want one in every colour!

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