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Hello! Today I thought I would pop up a wishlist in a different format to usual, this should make it easier to click through to products rather than having to individually link them all up! I always have a wishlist as long as my arm around this time of year, I’m obsessed with knitwear, coats and faux fur. I’ve also started thinking about potential Christmas nights out, Missguided always come to the rescue there, I just love the lace midi dress pictured below!

I’ve wanted a Helen Moore faux fur vixen scarf for a while, but they have a £120 price tag, though if you purchase with Atterley Road you can get 20% off with the code ‘Facebook 20’, thank me later. I think it will be something to put on the Christmas list, but in the meantime Missguided have their own version for only £15.99! I’m actually going to order it today as I think it will fly out! Pom poms seem to be a big hit this season and I’m loving the addition of them on shoes, especially the River Island pair as the pom poms aren’t too big so I won’t feel like a member of a circus. They’re real leather too and under £30 so I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for them when I’m on my shopping travels. Finally another item worth a little mention is the Topshop camo fur coat, oh my gad I need this! I DO NOT need another coat, but I feel it’s a necessity. 

More from me soon!

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