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Bunny Pieces – LA LA LAND*

When this surprise little package popped through my door the other week I practically squealed at the contents! Those girls at Becky White PR sure know me well! If you follow me on any form of social media you may know I’m a not-so secretly crazy bunny lady, I have two house buns (you can follow their adventures on Instagram – no seriously @busterandbinky_) and adore anything with a bunny on. If bunnies aren’t up your street you can actually get the pop cult pencils personalised which would make a great stocking filler, yep I’ve got Christmas on the brain already! If you haven’t heard of LA LA LAND before definitely check them out, lots of mega cute necklaces, prints, and other bits and bobs – got my peepers on this Grease print!

So I’ve been a little MIA this week from, well, pretty much everything! Third year is CONSUMING my life right now which means I’m a little all over the place, however I have my first free weekend so expect and abundance of outfits very soon, just praying it doesn’t rain like it did last weekend *harrrrumph*. I’ve acquired quite a few new bits and pieces which I’m keen to share, in the meantime you can follow my new clothing buys, bunnies and food on my Instagram (tillyjayne_). More from me soon – I promise!

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