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So if you follow me on social media, you will probably be most aware of my most recent trip to Rome. Well there was just so many pretty things to Instagram I couldn’t help myself haha! This was my second visit to the gorgeous country, last summer I spent a week in Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast and Italy really stole my heart. I couldn’t wait to visit the capital, and it certainly did not disappoint. I spent my days there wandering around the ancient ruins, getting lost around the windy streets and eating copious amounts of pizza, past and gelato. It’s a good job I did a lot of walking…

I decided against taking my DSLR, I contemplated it but as I was only in the city for four days I really wanted to make the most of my time there. Lugging a heavy camera round didn’t seem like a good idea so I just used my iPhone instead! The first day we landed at midday which meant we had the afternoon and evening to stroll around and gather our bearings. After a few wrong turns and ending up in a very NON tourist area…we finally made our way into the Rome I had envisioned. It was very busy which I had expected but luckily we pre-booked our tours so we didn’t have to queue. 

We booked our tour of the main historical sights with Musement who I’d definitely recommend. You obviously don’t have to join a tour and you do pay extra but without them you firstly have to queue and secondly unless you’re very clued up on all your knowledge of the sights you won’t necessarily know what everything is! We visited the Colosseum (amazing!), Roman Forum, Capitoline Hill and the Pantheon to name a few. It was also a great way to discover various piazzas we may have missed without being taken there. Unfortunately the Trevi Fountain is under maintenance but you can still visit and see it, there’s just no water (!). We also visited the Vatican and had a wander around St Peters Square, I would definitely recommend hopping on the metro to get there, it’s so easy to use! 

I couldn’t get over the buildings and stunning architecture every I turned, I was truly in awe! Although I wasn’t there to shop I couldn’t help but admire the rows of designer stores with their cute pastel shutters. It’s a good job I only had an already-bursting carry on with me as I could have done some serious damage. We spent a couple of our evenings on my favourite piazza, the Piazza della Rotonda, we sat and munched on pizza whilst people watching and overlooking the Pantheon. 

I will definitely return to Rome, perhaps in a few years but for now I’m planning a trip to Florence for next summer and perhaps a couple of winter getaways in Europe. I really want to visit some Christmas Markets! Yep I said it…Christmas!!! Oh and what do you think to my future wedding dress?? Haha!

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