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Warehouse Cape / Warehouse Sleeveless Rollneck / Topshop ‘Leather’ Trousers / Topshop Loafers (old) / Moschino Bag (similar)

Warehouse is on fireeee at the moment! It’s seriously gone up in my estimations, I’ve always had a little mooch in there but never really bought much. However their latest collection, and slicker website has drawn me in, I caved and made a little order as they’re currently offering 20% off for students with Unidays. I can’t believe this cape only ended up costing me £24, bargain! I also bought the sleeveless roll neck which I’m wearing underneath, I’d been eyeing it up for while and well I was making an order so I thought why not! My trousers are newbies too, the ‘peg leg’ cut drew me towards them as I wanted a pair of faux leather trousers that weren’t leggings or jean-esque. These are okay, there’s random pockets of loose material which is a bit annoying but they were only about 35 pounds so I can’t complain too much. 

I’ve got my work cut out for me next week, I’m back at uni for my third and final year (*gulp*) and I also have a couple of exciting ‘back to school’ projects which will takeover my blog for the next 7 days. Oh and don’t forget to enter my Sugarhill Boutique competition to bag a £50 voucher!

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