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Hello! Today's outfit is based around key summertime items from New Look, I've been seriously impressed with New Look lately, they've had some amazing pieces especially in their footwear collection. The midi skirt is such a staple, I've never been sure if they suit me or not as I'm not exactly on the tall side but I still love them regardless. Monochrome is always a winner in my books, in fact I'd say 80% of my wardrobe is black, white or grey. These sandals and top fit in very nicely!

So another week and not much exciting going on over here for me haha! I FINALLY finish my second year of uni on Tuesday as it's my final exam and I can be free of all uni thoughts and stress until the end of September! It means I can get back into some sort of regular blogging and life routine again which I can't wait for. I am so ready for summer.