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Topshop Coat and ASOS Cow sweater
Topshop Coat and Cow Print Jumper
ASOS cow sweater and topshop coat
topshop coat and cow print asos jumper
mulberry sponge satchel
asos cow print sweater

Topshop Coat (sale) / Miss Selfridge Jeans / ASOS Cow Sweater (sale) / Missguided Boots* / Mulberry Bag

Hello! It’a officially my weekend woohoo! A pretty casual outfit today, I’ve been a lady of leisure and headed out for lunch with my mum and now I’m going to crack on with a few more walking dead episodes. I’m a girl obsessed! I’m aware I talk/tweet/go on about it far too much but it’s just so good haha. If you don’t watch it, get involved. I love a good series especially when you can work your way through a whole boxset. I lost my life to prison break a couple of months back and the following is back next week which is another gooden. Such a TV freak, I promise I do sort of have a life ha. 

Onto my outfit as this isn’t a TV series themed blog (though I should totally make one of those), my coat is the best sale find EVER. I spotted it on it amongst the rails of chaos and immediately grabbed it out only for it to be my size and the last one in the store. I had only intended on “browsing” and told myself I wouldn’t spend money but I couldn’t leave it behind plus I got it less than half price and it’s gorgeous so there we go. My jumper is another sale buy from asos, I also got the cow print collar, think I have a thing for cow print. It’s so soft, comfy and easy to throw on with a pair of black skinnies for uni etc. 

Tilly xo

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