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Bertie Textured Slip Ons – £65

You may have seen me frantically tweet the other day when I discovered these absolute beauties. I know, sucker for a trend! Everyone seems to be loving these Celine imitation types and these are my favourites so far. I love the textured leather it makes them stand out from the others I’ve noticed. They also come in leopard too, but I think the black are more versatile.

So I usually like to post an outfit at the start of the week but I’ve been DROWNING in uni work (moan moan moan). I have two deadlines this week so I’ve been an actual hermit crab up in my room trying to get everything done. I’m taking a little break tonight though as it’s Charlie’s birthday so we’re heading out for dinner. I can’t wait for the weekend to come, I can finally get excited about Christmas! Woo!

Tilly xo

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