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Hello! I love reading other peoples gift posts so I thought I’d share with you my wonderful presents I was lucky enough to receive. From my mum I received the gorgeous croc leather Whistles clutch, I am totally obsessed with croc look leather at the moment! In actual fact, I managed to snag the white leather croc Whistles purse in the sale this morning! So continuing with the croc theme, my boyfriend bought me the Topshop Jolene loafers which are a dream. One of my fave things which  I haven’t pictured is a gorgeous Acne-esque jacket from H&M, I’ll be featuring it in an outfit post soon!

My boyfriend did well this year, he picked out the Dolce & Gabbana perfume for me (which is gorgeous, I’d never heard of it before), and also the bunny rabbit onesie, mittens and a couple of books which I can’t wait to have a read of. My mum knows I’m a sucker for stationery and cute notebooks so she picked up some lovely bits for me which will look cute on my new desk! She also put together a box of essentials, the kind of stuff I hate having to buy such as cotton pads, cleanser, nail files etc. which I thought was really thoughtful (thanks mum!).

Gifts aside, I had a lovely Christmas. It’s crazy how much preparation and excitement there is in the build up to the big day and then it’s over before you know it. I will be longing out this festive period until the new year however, I plan on doing very little between now and the 1st. Then it’s back to the uni grind and pile of work I should be doing now. Have you posted any festive/gift/sale purchases posts? Link me below!

Tilly xo

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