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Topshop Jacket / Topshop Tee / Miss Selfridge Jeans / Topshop Boots / Mulberry Bag / Topshop Hat / Jana Reinhardt Necklace*

Bit of a Topshop overload today! I love Topshop but I actually haven’t bought all that much from there recently until I made a little order the other day during the 30% off basics. I picked up a few different colours of the t shirt I’m wearing above along with the jacket which is my new obsession. I can’t stop wearing it, I want to wear it every day. I was so tempted to get the white version too but I was a bit hesitant as I thought it might look like a doctors jacket? I don’t know, have any of you got it? I’d love to see how it looks on!

So I felt very lucky to be sent this gorgeous necklace from Jana Reinhardt, I’m sort of a crazy bunny rabbit lady so it was very suited to me! They have the most adorable selection of necklaces, rings and bracelets so definitely check them out. It’s getting sooo near to Christmas, eek! I enjoy Christmas time so much but like every year I feel like it’s suddenly crept up. I’m going out to get a few last minute presents tomorrow (I know, I know) and I should think about starting my wrapping really. 3 days!!

Tilly xo

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