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Monki Jacket / Monki Skirt / Topshop Fluffy Sweat / Topshop Boots / ASOS Sunglasses / Michael Kors Hamilton Bag

Those are some chic bags I have under my eyes there! Woo tiredness! I don’t edit my photos as it just takes up too much time so you have to deal with all my lovely flaws haha. So I think I am going to finally stop whinging about my hair and actually do something about it. I’m gonna take a good few inches off at least and maybe get some different blondes put in. You can still really see where I had my ombre especially in these photos though I do think/hope it looks slightly different IRL! I’m actually loving Kim Kardashians hair at the moment, not usually a fan of her style (though I do love the Kardashians, soz) but I think she looks amazing at the moment.

Anyway, bought this cheeky little Monki suit from my good friend ASOS. I still enjoy a co-ord far too much. I go through stages of not buying a whole lot of clothes to wanting everything in every shop. I’m currently in the NEED everything phase. I have a few new bits being delivered this week that I purchased over the weekend which I really hope fit! I took advantage of free delivery at River Island, they’re so stingy when it comes to delivery and the fact they don’t do student discount really annoys me so yes, I will have some new bits to post about!

I don’t know why I bought a new pair of sunglasses in November. Tilly logic.

Tilly xo

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