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Pompeii Outfit – Dress: Missguided Rucksack: River Island c/o Asos Sunglasses: eBay
Sorrento Outfit – Dress: Motel Rocks (on sale for £15!)

On my mums Birthday we headed to Pompeii for a half day excursion. I really hadn’t prepared myself for this, I think it was the hottest weather I have ever experienced. It was pretty intense, also the tunnel was shut so our coach had to go a mega long way round and our driver was WAY too keen on the brake. I felt soo sick but once we get there we were taken around by our chirpy tour guide man who had dressed like a smurf (accidental but it made me chuckle).

The tour lasted about 2 hours or so, there’s no shade or breeze so you’ve gotta be ok with walking around for a long period of time and did I bring water? No, caus that would have been too sensible of me. Doh. Moaning aside, I actually really enjoyed it. It was pretty fascinating, I love history and learning about the Egyptians and Romans in particular. It was really handy having the tour man there, if we went around on our own we wouldn’t have had a clue about anything! We visited the Roman Brothel which is handily signposted with a penis on the floor which had carved into the floor – cheeky Romans! I found it quite amusing. Pompeii is HUGE so we only saw a snippet but I would recommend going if you’re ever in the area, definitely something you only do once though!

In the evening we had a look at some ancient walls in Sorrento, this is where I wore my Motel maxi dress which kept my nice and cool for the warm evening!

Tilly xo

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