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Two things you don’t see often on here, hauls and Primark. I’m not opposed to either in any way I just rarely upload hauls as I either forget to take photos or just buy things in dribs and drabs. As for Primark, I see so much in the London stores but my local one is just always full of teens and prams and chaos and AHH. It’s too much for me, but I did brave it today as I wanted to pick up some bits for summer holidays. I’ve booked to go to Italy in July, I’ll be heading down to Newquay to visit my friend Erin (hopefully I pick a hot/sunny week!) at some point and also I’m hoping to go away with my boyfriend wherever that may be. So here we go:


Dress: £8

Shorts: £4

Dress: £5

Cropped Blouse: £10

Cropped Top: £5

Boyfriend Tee: £3.50

Bikini: £10 in total

Sandals: £12 reduced to £6

Boyfriend Tee: £3.50

Rings: as priced

I think I picked up some nice bits. I saw quite a lot, I might go back for a few other things, I think Primark have really upped their game. There was so much in the jewellery bit, I was a bit pushed for time but I think I could have come away without about 55 rings. 

The boyfriend tee’s are such a soft material, and for £3.50 such a bargain. I photographed the back of the black cropped tee as I think it’s so cool! I’ll definitely wear it with one of my grey maxi skirts, probably the one with the ruched side! One of my favourite purchases is the cropped stripe shirt, it’s a lovely material and I can’t wait to wear it with a neon necklace and some skinnies. I actually bought a size 14 as they had sold out of all smaller sizes but I like how it’s just really oversized. 

The neon bikini and runner shorts will be handy for when I’m round the pool catching a few rays. I do like to lounge around on holiday but to an extent. I love to go off and explore and see the sights. The pool is nice but for like a day or two. The sandals were half price, not bad for 6 pounds!

Do you like haul posts? Would you like to see more in future? Let me know and I might put another one together for other stuff I’ve been buying from asos/topshop etc.

Tilly xo

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