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Ok so I’ve had an outfit post planned for a couple of days but due to this horrendous non stop rain I haven’t been able to take any pics but how freakin’ beautiful are these maxi skirts?! Wow Reiss you’ve outdone yourself! I couldn’t believe how many lovely pieces I set my eyes on when I stumbled onto their website. Unfortunately I can’t have them all as I think it would actually come to more than I want to spend on a holiday right now haha! The far right is my favourite I think just because I could wear it with so many different things! Plus I like the little raise at the front. I don’t usually shop at Reiss, the staff always make me feel a little uncomfortable in my local Cambridge store but to be fair it’s been a while since I’ve been there. I think K-Middy has definitely put Reiss on the map, I better snap one of these up before she does (cue a sell-out!) Which one is your favourite? I’m hoping for less rain and more sun asap!!

Tilly xo

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