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I thought this was a kids thing but it went at about 18327mph 
Shirt: Zara Jeans: River Island Bag: Mulberry Flats: Topshop Skull Ring: Topshop Cuff & Gold Ring: H&M

Yay doesn’t everyone just love the sun! I think it’s funny how as soon as the sun shows it face all the men are immediately in their ~army pants and flip flops~. I have to admit I did take my leather jacket off! I hope everyone’s week has gone off to a good start! I’m off to the ideal home show with my mum on Friday, I’ve never been before but I’m always up for going into London! Also I know I’ve mentioned it a few times and sorry to bore you but I’m thinking of buying the Canon 1100d and would like to know if anyone has an opinion (good or bad) on it? Or do you think I should save a bit more for a 550d? I’ve used dslr cameras before when I studied graphics but I have a lot to learn! I just think it would be a good investment not just for blogging but holidays, times with friends etc.

Tilly xo

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