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Birthday Wishlist

Blazer: River Island Jumper: Topshop Satchel: Zatchel Lipstick: MAC

I decided to make my Sunday Inspiration post a fortnightly feature so this week is my Birthday wish list! I turn 20 next Saturday which I actually can’t believe as I’m definitely still 16 in my head. Not entirely sure on my plans but I’m sure it will involve shopping and eating out! I tend to be given money for my birthday from family which I actually prefer as it means I can choose something I know I would usually buy myself. So these are some things I have my eye on…

I bought season 1 of true blood a while back which I’ve now finished and need to get involved in season 2! Jason Stackhouse = swoon but not as painfully gorgeous as Ian Somerhalder. In major need of a mint blazer it’s one of those things I’ve got into my head and won’t rest until satisfied. I also think I’m one of the only people not to have bought a newgen tee yet! My favourite is actually this Holly Fulton sweat top I just wish they stocked them in the Cambridge store. 

I am currently in love with Zatchels I particularly like the spotted number and would love to use it as a clutch! Oh and a pug please, there is more chance of my mum buying me a house than letting me have a pug but a gal can dream. 

Tilly xo

p.s if anyone is interested in doing a badge swap I have spaces (:

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