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Trousers: £35 Kimono: £30 Wedges: £38 High Tops: £25 all available at next

I recieved a voucher today (thanks gramps!) for Next and thought I would head over to the website to see if anything caught my eye. Next is usually my go-to shop for swimwear and sandals/ballet pumps, I find it difficult to get shoes to fit and for some reason Next have always had a perfect fit for me.

I usually find S/S quite difficult to dress for, my clothing preferences lie in knitwear, layering and a dark colour palette so when the sun starts to come out I usually panic and buy a load of dresses I would never usually even look at. I’ve decided to plan my wardobe a little more carfeully this time around and not buy a load of stuff that will end up on e-bay!

I really love the trousers and kimono as they tie in florals but they aren’t bright and in your face, perfect! The high tops are amazing I’ve been wanting a pair of high tops for a while since laying my eyes on the Isabel Marant beauties but these are much more in my price range. The sandals are a good way to inject a bit of colour into a less colourful outfit (that I will probably be wearing) and I could see myself getting a lot of use out of them for holiday and summer outings.

What do you think of my picks? What do you think I should use my voucher towards? I seem to be drawn to those high tops….

Tilly xo

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