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So today I wasn’t going to post or tidy my room but it seems I have done both. I’ve been needing to sort out my room or “cave” as it had become for so long, I had clothes and bags everywhere and ridiculous amounts of random crap I don’t even know how I acquired. I thought I would give it a start at least, I said that at 11.30am and it is now 3.44pm and I have just finished! 2 bin bags, 1 recycling bag, 1 charity shop bag and 1 “i’m not sure whether to throw or keep” bag et voila. If you fancy having a peek…read on:

And I say I have no clothes 

Lots more rubbish on my floor at this point I was on the verge of a mental breakdown

My wardrobe looking much more organised and I can actually see what the clothes look like woo! 

 The 30% of my wardobe that made the final cut lots of other stuff shoved folded nicely in drawers below

Wardobe number two looking rather well organised if I do say so myself! I also found that maxi dress with the leather corset bit, it’s amazing what you have hiding in bags!

 I love the elephant print on my new blazer!

I used the boxes from Christmas perfume gift sets as little storage devices for some bits&bobs

 Tidy shelves! I didn’t show many before pictures because it was quite embarrassing

Some books on my nice tidy shelf

So there we have it my nice new tidy room! We will see how long it lasts, I have a tendency to forget I’m trying to be tidy and let it slip back to original state but I’ve chucked out so much stuff I don’t even have much to be lying around! I now have a really tidy room but about 6-7 full bin liners sitting outside it which I better sort out so that’s all for now! 

I’d love to see any storage ideas/tips you have or any similar room type posts!

Tilly xo

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