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Hello been a little MIA from the blog and twitter this week, my boyfriend had the week off work so we’ve been mooching around Cambridge, taking advantage of the pizza hut buffet and wandering around the museums in london. I live just outside of Cambridge and it only takes about 50 minutes to get into Kings Cross on the train which is pretty good.

Just a few snaps here, we went to the British museum to look at the Egypt section and the mummies (i’m a little bit obsessed with ancient Egypt) and also the natural history museum. I’ve been before but quite a few years ago and as they’re both free it’s a nice way to pass some time. After we headed to Camden to have a stroll around and went to the diner for some awesome pancakes and coke floats! We definitley ordered too many pancakes but they were amazing! I need to go on a detox now as i’ve eaten out more than i’ve eaten in this week, oops!

And just for the record I was wearing my Zara leather jacket, Topshop vest and jumper, Alexander Mcqueen scarf & Moschino bag.

Tilly xo

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