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Hey all, not a post I was planning on but I thought it would be worth mentioning. Now love isn’t actually a brand I would head to if I was looking for something, not because I don’t like them I just don’t think to! I know of their presence from them selling in my local topshop (I think I brought some kind of stripey dress from there a while ago) and I see quite a few bloggers sporting their dresses.

So I had a little wander onto the site and I have fallen in love with just about everything! I neeeeed the middle dress, it’s just my thing I love everything the colour, the print, the style! I’ve signed up to receive ten pounds credit too so I might order it. Along with the dress of my dreams is the jumper which again is something I would definitely pick up in a shop, I like the slubby kind of style it has and I would throw in my leather jacket, shiny leggings and flatforms to style it. I think the chiffon maxi dress would be great for summer especially if you’re planning a holiday. I already have an image of wearing it out in the evening somewhere warm with cocktails and a stroll along the beach! Anyway enough dreaming I’m off to gaze at holiday brochures.

Tilly xo 

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