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Another Christmassy post, I promise I’ll stop soon I’m just too excited haha. Me and my girls have booked our annual Christmas meal at a local pub followed by more pub hopping until ending up in town. When I go out especially with friends I always feel the need to buy a new outfit I know I should really just raid my wardrobe but when pictures are going to be taken I want to be happy with what I’m wearing!

I wanted a dress that was a bit different with a bit of Christmas sparkle, so what do you think of my final three? I LOVE the leopard print boots I think I prefer these to the actual Litas. Ark have some great bits in at the moment, they’ve opened a shop in Cambridge which is not good for my bank balance but to be fair they are pretty reasonably priced! I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Tilly xo

p.s discovered a new site today and got this dress for only £19.99 though it’s gone back up to full price now but you can recieve 50% off by using the code ‘TOTAL2011’ enjoy!

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