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Top, Skirt & Necklace: Primark Skull Ring: Asos Nail Varnish: Barry M Special Effects

Hello everyone! Brr it’s cold outside! I’m seeing lots of tweets about bad weather but it’s dry and bright where I live, I’m hoping for snow but no luck yet. I seem to have picked up what feels like winter hay fever, I can’t stop sneezing and feel generally rubbish. I’m off to London on Sunday for the t4 stars of 2011 concert at Earls Court, I’ve never been before so not really sure what to expect! Hopefully on Monday I’ll finally be visiting winter wonderland. I’m such a Christmas fanatic and it looks so cute! I really wanted to go to a french or german Christmas market I’ve only ever been to the one in Lille but I loved all the festivities and atmosphere.

Back to the post, i cant seem to take that Primark necklace off from around my neck! I really like it and it was only £2.50. The whole outfit is bit of primarni special, I don’t usually wear mustard as I think it washes me out and I think im right haha but it was only a couple of pounds. There’s Milly & Coco mitzying about in the garden, they like to have a snoop when they see me in the conservatory. I rescued Milly from a shelter as her sisters had all been taken and she was left all alone 🙁 so naturally I had to take her home and they’ve been besties ever since!

Tilly xo

p.s my camera is on its last legs so im looking to buy a new one, any suggestions would be very welcome!

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