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Just a quick update I haven’t blogged in a few days, I had a pretty busy weekend and Mondays are just a write off! I wanted to take some outfit photos today but it was dark by about 1pm. It’s very gloomy outside and it’s just started chucking it down so that won’t be happening.

I brought this jacket from h&m on Sunday and I love it! I am a bit of a jacket obsessive I have loads but this was only £29.99 plus I had something to return so it worked out very cheap. I’m wearing it with my Mcqueen scarf (I will die in that scarf) and some slim fit boyfriend jeans. If you’ve read my previous posts then you will know this is a big deal for me, they’re wrangler from Asos and I (think) I like them! There’s my bunny rabbit Coco in the last picture he looks cute but he is the most mischievous pet I’ve ever had, he has a girlfriend Milly but she is a little camera shy!

Tilly xo

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