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Conservatories – we all love them. It is a great way for us to get our hands on some sunshine, all while not being out directly in the sun. Conservatories allow us to enjoy the weather outside – even if there is currently a hailstorm going on. Practical and efficient, here are a few modern conservatory ideas that you might want to consider during your conservatory installation process.

CSM North East, experts in polycarbonate roof replacement and conservatory installations share their thoughts on the most inspiring conservatory designs.

Lean-In Small Modern Conservatory

This conservatory design is small – but has everything that you might need to enjoy your day. Featuring a lean-in style, it is perfect for small places, when you want the conservatory to blend in with the house. The windows go all the way to the roof, which means that the conservatory installation was made to let in as much light as possible.

Other than that, the design was made to be minimalist. The builder also added fitted shades so that the conservatory can immediately become a shaded room when needed.

Small Aired Conservatory

Minimalist conservatories are all the rage nowadays – and this design seems to be popular among many homeowners. Not only is it tiled with glass up to the roof, allowing for the light to fully get in, but the windows can also be open wide. Thanks to this, the conservatory will turn into something more of a patio, which is perfect for summer days.

The conservatory is also connected to the house – so, while it may not have a garden itself, it leads straight from the house and into the garden. The conservatory is indeed small – but has the dimensions of a perfect small living room. This minimalist conservatory can generally be decorated however you like, regardless if it involves furniture or accessories.

Wood Conservatory Extensions

Many people seem to believe that if it’s made of wood, then it is no longer modern. However, this conservatory design has every characteristic of a modern version, featuring a simplistic approach and using high-quality materials.

The conservatory installation brings the glass tiles all the way up to the roof – a design that allows for enough light to get into the room. Plus, the mix in modern and rustic enables you to go for any type of furniture and interior style that you want.

Modern Victorian Conservatory

If you want to build a modern conservatory, but still have that old-fashioned bone in you, then you might be interested in this Victorian conservatory design. The materials used are all worthy of 2019 – the construction letting the light in while keeping the summer heat out. Plus, the modern glass will ensure that your conservatory stays cool during the summer.

When a conservatory is “modern,” it does not necessarily mean that it has to be square and boring. It just has to use the right materials so that you can feel comfortable in there – no matter if you are using it during summer or winter. Talk with some conservatory installation experts to ensure that you are building a quality piece.

If you’re based in the North East of England, contact CSM North East for a fully fitted conservatory.

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