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There’s no denying veganism is skyrocketing. I can walk into Pizza Hut and order a pizza with vegan cheese. WE ARE LIVING IN THE FUTURE. Being vegan has never been easier, and the amount of new products that have popped up in my 2 years of veganism so far is outstanding. Vegan cheese used to be shit, as did many of the meat replacements but this is a thing of the past. The beyond burger can rival a beef burger any day, vegan cheese actually melts now and vegan Ben & Jerry’s is the bomb.

Thinking about going vegan? Why not! The food is great and it feels even better.

I’ve rounded up my staple items for all new vegans, whilst I try not to rely too heavy on replacements they are handy especially when you’re making the transition. I always advocate eating plenty of fresh fruit and veg but that goes without saying, so if you’re expecting broccoli to be on this list, it’s not. We’re talking about the good stuff….

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1. Vegenaise

Better than mayonnaise, HANDS DOWN. If you’re missing mayo from your life you need to get your paws on Vegenaise. There is no better vegan mayo and that is final. They also stock a range of vegan salad dressings too!

2.  iChoc (Various flavours)

I was dubious about transitioning from veggie to vegan mostly because I was concerned about my chocolate habit. I was a chocolate. Minstrels were my vice and I couldn’t imagine a world without them. After a few weeks cold turkey I actually found my cravings diminished and I wasn’t fussed by chocolate. That was until I found ichoc. It’s really, really good. Orange, super nut and nougat are my faves.

3. Jackfruit

WTF is a jackfruit? Is what I said when I waltzed into one of my first vegan dining experiences at a nearby plant-based restaurant. Turns out the humble jackfruit is a versatile vegan meat alternative that works particularly well as a burger, in a kebab or even on nachos.

4. Tofurky Tempeh

As I was already a veggie I didn’t really crave bacon sandwiches, but I know this is what many people miss when they give up meat. Replace with Tofurky Tempeh, marinated in a delicious smoky maple sauce. It tastes amazing in a sandwich with a bit of ketchup!

5. Violife Vegan Cheese

I’ve tried many, many vegan cheeses in my quest to find one that will a. melt and b. not taste like vomit. I have to say, vegan cheese has come on leaps and bounds compared to just a few years ago. My favourite brand is Violife, they stock a number of vegan cheese including vegan halloumi, cheddar cheese, pizza flavoured cheese and vegan mozzarella.

6. Oatly Milk

OATLY IS THE BEST PLANT-BASED MILK OUT THERE DON’T @ ME! The Oatly brand is pretty cool, their marketing is on point and the products themselves even better. As well as their milk which is a staple in my fridge, they also sell Oatly cream and chocolate Oatly drinks. Yum.

7.  Vego Bar

Whilst iChoc is my fave, there’s no denying Vego is pretty damn good and ideal for any Nutella fans out there. The bars are HUGE but you’ll still probably get through it in a day. If you’re not keen on dark chocolate and prefer a milky taste then this is probably the bar for you.

8. Taifun Weiner Frankfurters

For a good ole American style hot dog, the Taifun frankfurters are perfect! You can enjoy them warm or cold and they’re ideal for a vegan BBQ. Note: they taste better than they look, promise.

9. V Bites Fish Style Steaks

Freakishly fishy, if you’re craving that fishy taste then I recommend the V bites fish range. They’re almost a little too realistic!

10. Ten Acre Cheese & Onion Crisps

I had a random craving for cheese and onion crisps when I went vegan, my prayers were answered when I discovered these. So cheesy, yet vegan!

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