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Ah flying, as much as I love to travel I’m actually not a great flyer. I much prefer my feet to be firmly on the ground but hey if I want to explore the world then it’s something I have to get over. I actually remember once reading an interview (with whom I can’t remember) but they said the way to get their flying fear was to listen to a Britney Spears song on takeoff and landing because they know they’re not destined to die listening to Britney. Cute, morbid story huh?

I always think of that when I’m preparing for takeoff and it makes me chuckle and slightly removes my mind from the fact I’m heading 30,000 feet up in the air.

Which takes me on to packing – what the hell do you pack for a long haul flight? My next flight will be a juicy 11 hours to San Fransisco which yes I’m slightly dreading although when I last flew with Virgin to Florida they had a pretty decent selection of films which wasted around 5-6 hours. However I’m not the best at sitting still, I get ancy, I want to stretch my legs and I soon become incredibly bored! Which is why it’s vital I pack a little entertainment with me…

So let’s start with the carry on bag, if I’m heading on a city break it will of course be a small cabin sized suitcase however if I’ve checked my mahuussive suitcase into hold then I’ll usually take a backpack. I’ve been upgraded with the kind folk at Eastpak who have provided me with this gorgeous weekender bag for my trip to the US. It’s the perfect carry on, giving me enough space for my essentials but also leaving necessary room for which I will use when I cram around 25 magnets and other ridiculous souvenirs I’m sure to pick up on the way.

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Alongside the essentials such as my passport (duh) and phone, I try to cram in a magazine or two. I tend to lean towards travel magazines such as Suitcase to inspire my future travels and get me excited for wherever it is I may be heading! If I fly Virgin then I’ll also scoop up a couple of the freebies they sometimes have on offer at the gates, last time I bagged Conde Naste Traveller as well as a few fashion magazines which kept me occupied for a good couple of hours.

As well as a magazine or two I always pack a book for a long haul flight, usually a Jack Reacher novel or something similar. It’s a shame but I don’t get all that much time to read in day to day life so I always fit in a lot of reading when I’m going away, especially if it’s a beach style trip!

I can highly recommend the Jack Reacher series for anyone who likes books with plenty of action and suspense, I just have to try and block the awful Tom Cruise film adaption out of my mind…

What to pack long haul flight carry on

If my flight is especially long, I’m taking eight hours plus then I’ll usually pack a few skincare essentials, I’ll be taking my Emma Hardie travel set with me next month! Also just in case of any delays I feel better if I have a flannel, face wash and moisturiser. I absolutely hate what flying does to my skin, it always looks dreadful and completely drys out so usually half way into it I take what little make up I have on off and give my skin a little pick-me-up. Staying on the line of toiletries I’ll also pack a toothbrush and toothpaste, for exactly the same reason. If I come off a night flight I like to freshen up before I head off.

what to pack in your hand luggage

I always ensure I pack a few snacks, being vegan you just never know what you may (or may not!) get. Thankfully the few vegan in-flight meals I’ve had to date have been ok but just in case I’ll pack some nuts and a couple of Trek bars.

what to pack in hand luggage
what to pack in your carry on

Aside from the occasional waves of boredom there is a part of flying I do enjoy, and that’s having the time to sit and gather my thoughts. Life tends to be so busy and full on for me that it’s rare I have time to simply do nothing. I always pack a pen and notebook so that I can jot down any ideas and inspiration that come to me whilst on my journey. Whether it’s life goals, future blog posts or just random thoughts, it’s a rare and welcome time where my mind isn’t distracted by Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Asos…

What are your carry-on essentials? Do they look similar to mine or do you tend to keep it more minimal? I’d love to hear your thoughts, and if you’ve posted a similar blog then please do leave a link.

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