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ASOS Sweatshirt* / Missguided Blazer* / ASOS Trousers / ASOS Bag / ASOS Loafers* / ASOS Collar (last year)

So here is my third back to school outfit. I’ve gone for a bit of slouchy tailoring vibe, dressed down with a staple basic sweatshirt. I would probably wear this outfit if I was for example, presenting or having an interview for something. My cow collar is from ASOS last year, though they have lots of similar furry goodness on the site right now, I think they can just top off an simple outfit and give a bit of oomph to a monochrome colour palette. I have to say I am totally in love with these loafers, they make me feel so swarve haha! I don’t think I’ve had a pair of shoes so shiny, plus they’re comfy too and not too hard like some loafers are (no blisters so far!).

So today I headed back to uni for my first day of third year, BOO! It was an exhausting day, I forgot how tiring lectures are haha. On one hand I can’t wait to graduate, start earning money and enter the real world but on the other hand I will miss spending a Monday morning eating cereal and watching netflix.

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