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So, the reason I actually packed my bags and headed to Copenhagen, the launch of a new concept by Trollbeads. Founded in 1976 Trollbeads created the first ‘bead on bracelet’ style as opposed to the hanging bead style which was popular at the time. This launch promised a whole new idea, I was really excited to see what Trollbeads were going to offer, so introducing X by Trollbeads!


– The British Bloggers (pinched from Sarah’s post)!-

Firstly, I have to mention just how stunning the Trollbeads HQ is. The building is beautiful, everything is designed around the company. There are a lot of circular windows and features to represent the shape of the beads which I thought was pretty amazing. The windows are also covered to give an effect it’s raining outside, as apparently studies show we are more creative when it’s raining, clever huh!

I have to say I’m a big fan of this new concept, it suits my personal taste more than the original styles. I think the bracelets are a fresher, younger take on the charm bracelet idea. As you can see the bracelets are all made up of individual links which currently come in gold, silver, copper and rubber, with rubber being the most purse friendly option. You can then customise your bracelet with charms of your choice, with everything from skulls to love hearts to your star sign. My favourite is the combination of gold and silver links as modelled by Sheree above!

After we’d had a presentation from the founder and design team we had a mooch around all the new styles and charms. Each designer had taken their own theme and designed their own charms for the collection. This idea was then followed through to lunch time with each table adopting the designers individual theme. My table was star sign inspired, I was lucky enough to be gifted my own bracelet along with my Pisces charm. We then listened to a few songs by Danish singer Fallulah and after that it was time to head off back home.

A big thanks to Ogilvy PR and Trollbeads for such an amazing event and time in Copenhagen! What do you guys think of X by Trollbeads?

Tilly xo

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