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Hello people hope you have got your weekend off to a good start! I’m sitting in reading too many lfw related tweets and getting very jealous! I thought I’d put together a little post of a few things I have my beady eye over. What do you think?


1. Reiss 2. Benefit 3. Missguided 4. Missguided 5. Topshop

I was out with my mum the other day browsing in John Lewis and had a little mooch into their Reiss concession and saw the gorgeous maxi skirt. I am actually in LOVE with it, it reminds me of the topshop maxi skirt that sold out everywhere that Olivia P wore. I searched many a “buy it or regret it” rail for that but had no such luck 🙁 and I’m not prepared for the same situation again! Also run out of blush so naturally I must buy the new benefit offering, I adore the swirl of colours! I think the floral blazer has sold out online now (why does this always happen to me!) but my local topshop is Cambridge and it’s pretty big so I’m hoping I may have some luck.

Is there anything you have your eye on at the moment and NEED?! Haha do let me know!

Tilly xo

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