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Call me over organised, but the thought of retirement crosses my mind on an almost daily basis. No, I’m not wishing away my life to start applying for my pension but I do think about what retirement might look for me. If I’m lucky enough to live a long and healthy life, what will I be doing when I’m in my 60’s, 70’s and hopefully, 80’s? I know what I’d like to be doing, and that’s travelling.


Both Charlie and I are forward thinkers, while we live for each day as it comes, we’re also quite sensible and like to make sure we have a back-up plan in any situation. When we set a goal, we stick to it pretty well. A couple of years back when we decided we wanted to buy a house, we worked a hell of a lot to make it happen. We saved and saved until we had enough money to buy our dream home. It’s not a mansion, not even close. It’s a modest two-bedroom Victorian terrace but I love it. It’s bursting with character and everything I could have wanted. We see the house as the start of our retirement plan. We both talk about how we see our future, and working into our 60’s and 70’s definitely isn’t part of that.


We both want to secure a future where we can enjoy life and not have to worry about money. We’re not trust-fund kids, so every penny we have is money we’ve earnt ourselves. We both want to reach the age of 60 and be able to sit back and enjoy life, and to us that means continue our travels around the world. We do head away a fair amount as it is, but as we both run our own businesses, finding the time can be hard. After all, if we don’t work, we don’t get paid. The not-so-glamorous aspect of working for yourself!


I would love to think that Charlie and I will spend our retirement travelling around in a motorhome (we might have to adapt it with a few mobility solutions to make it OAP friendly) and exploring all the hidden gems of Europe. I’ve always seen myself retiring abroad, as I don’t intend on having any children so I see us having no dependents to stick around for when we hit old age. We’ll probably be one of those couples who treats their dogs as children but hey I’m totally cool with that.


I’ve read quite a few stories recently of couples and individuals who have sold up and travelled the world during their retirement and I think it’s so inspiring. It’s never too late to tick off that bucket list and I’m in awe of those that give up the day job and pack their bags and head off for an amazing adventure. That must be a real feeling of joy, mustn’t it? Sure, you might have to check if your hotel has a walk-in shower but it’s all part of travel in retirement!


You never know, give it forty years and this blog might be dedicated to the travels of a retired couple living the dream….



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